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The Future of Work: Life After the Great Resignation

Where do employees and companies go from here? We’re entering a new age of employment as workers reevaluate where they want to work and on what terms. It’s fascinating how the Future of Work conversation has shifted from fear of AI, automation, and how humans will co-exist with intelligent machines, to remote work, flexible schedules, 4 day work weeks, and how companies will hire and retain critical talent in the new economy.

On Valley Innovators latest podcast, Co-founder Brandon Lopez explores this interesting topic with CEO & Founder of SEMCO Style US, Christian Wandeler. SEMCO has an interesting story and Christian brings a unique perspective with his background in behavioral psychology and experience as an associate professor at Fresno State University.

Have a listen to the podcast:

About Brandon Lopez

Brandon Lopez is Co-founder of Valley Innovators and Persimmon Marketing. His mission is to bring best practices and connections from Silicon Valley to help founders succeed within ecosystems. Brandon has over 15 years of marketing and product leadership experience at enterprise companies such as LinkedIn and Salesforce as well as startups in the analytics, social media, and productivity sectors.

About SEMCO Style US

Semco Style Institute USA has a mission to shape the future of work by consulting, coaching and educating organizations about how to achieve better performance, be more agile and organize in a way that fosters team members’ happiness and passion. It’s specialty is implementing self-management and a strategy focused on people. It brings the approach Ricardo Semler has developed with his company SEMCO to the United States. Learn more about SEMCO Style US at and

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