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De-stress & Simplify Your Instagram Game

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Fresno Social Media

If you’re a small business like us we know you don’t have a ton of time to devote to Instagram + other social media. So we will make this short and sweet.

We know you know Instagram is important and don’t need to spend time explaining why. But if you want to read more about IG relevancy check out this article from Forbes.

Let's get to it!

Quite overthinking it + post!

Simply, just get your content out there. Your post doesn’t have to be perfect but it should have a couple important elements:

  • Use photo's that are high quality (not grainy or blurry).

  • Your caption: should be relevant to your photo, check for spelling and grammar errors, and keep it simple.

  • Use hashtags: Use relevant hashtags. For example: If you’re a local business use hashtags related to your geographical area. We are based in Fresno so when we post, often we use hashtags like #fresnoproud.

Utilize resources like Canva

Don’t waste hours trying to create content from scratch! There are a lot of resources to make your design process speedier and higher quality. Canva is an excellent design resource that you can use for free! There are templates provided for social media posts of all kinds (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more). They have Instagram templates that you can build upon and add your brand colors while accessing thousands of free photos.

Just need Instagram worthy photos? There are many sites that allow you to download hundreds of stock grade photos for free (make sure to always check their sharing policy)! We will list a few of our favorites here:

Stop worrying about Likes and focus on awareness

It’s difficult not to care about the number of Likes you get on your Instagram posts. However, in November of 2019 Instagram announced that it would begin testing the hiding of Likes in various countries. So Likes will mostly Likely ;) be removed as a relevant feature. Read more about it here.

Focus on connecting and getting your brand out there. Like other businesses posts, engage with your followers, and don’t keep POSTING

Stay true to you + your brand

Authenticity is definitely important in the year 2020 with social media, especially Instagram which has historically been a less than authentic space. Find your voice and make it clear who you are in your photos and captions. Don’t be like everybody else. For example, if your business has a fun and quirky personality make your content and posts mirror that!

If you’re not sure that you have an established brand and are still looking for support with your social media, website, or other marketing needs we would love to help! Get in touch with us by emailing or filling out our contact form here.

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