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Founder Series: Tips to Succeed in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

For those readers that don’t know, a couple of years ago I co-founded a second company called Valley Innovators. VI provides tools for more founders/startups to succeed. We’re especially focused on growing the startup scene in the Central Valley, California which needs the boost to the local economy (jobs, wages, utilizing home grown talent, etc.) more than established technology markets like the Bay Area but our goal is to help all entrepreneurs.

Fresno Entrepreneur

We’ve recently shifted our model to provide more online tools and content to help founders succeed. I’ve been interviewing more founders for our podcast in an effort to share lessons learned, best practices, and avoid big gotchas on the startup journey.

I’m very excited to share this latest podcast about how to succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce has created a massive, powerful community of technology-related companies and jobs that provide a solid path for entrepreneurs, CRM administrators, implementation partners (e.g. System Integrators) and many other critical high paying jobs, as you can see from this article. Salesforce Admin wages have gone up even more this year as you can see in this recent article (note: pay-gated content).

Fresno Valley Innovators

If you’re even slightly interested in learning more about the benefits of building a startup in the Salesforce ecosystem, have a listen to my latest podcast with Akbar Rafiuddin, Co-Founder & COO of Ascent Solutions. Ascent Solutions is a Salesforce ISV partner with over a decade of experience building apps and solutions that extend the value of the back-office, inventory and order management for Salesforce.

On the pod Akbar shares actionable tips, gotchas, and lessons learned about how to succeed as a new founder within the Salesforce ecosystem. Learn more about Akbar and Ascent Solutions at

If you’re a founder or aspiring founder with an interesting story, I’d like to hear from you! Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter and let’s chat.

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