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Tips for staying productive while working from home

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

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If you have recently moved to remote work in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic we feel for you and understand it is a big adjustment.

If you have kids, share space, or are working from home for the first time, staying productive can feel like a major challenge. Our team at Persimmon Marketing is well acquainted with remote work and have experience overcoming the challenges it brings.

We have put together a list of tips that we think will help:

Follow a consistent work schedule. Set your schedule/routine and stick to it.

  • Make a personal routine (wake up, get ready, make breakfast etc.)

  • Set a work schedule (work start time, emails, priority projects, break, lunch, etc.)

Set expectations with your boss.

Make sure you know what your bosses communication expectations are. When in doubt, over communicate!

Create a specific and separate workspace protected from family and/or typical distractions.

Set up a spot that is your work area and set boundaries with family so everyone understands your workspace expectations.

Working from home with kids? Check out this article for some tips to help you navigate the burden of being caretaker, employee, and teacher all at one time.

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Keep your relaxation spaces and work space separate.

Although some people might not struggle with this it usually slows productivity when working in bed, on the couch, or in other common rest places.

Reach out and communicate with co-workers.

These times can be lonely so don’t wait around for your co-workers to reach out to you. Send an email, text, or Zoom with multiple at a time to stay in contact and maintain some social normalcy.

Take breaks!

Don’t forget to give yourself breaks, cuddle with your pet, take a walk, stretch, and give yourself a breather between tasks and projects. We loved this list of to-do ideas from the email newsletter Desklunch. Our favorite was "Gently kiss your pet on their head " as our team is full of pet lovers.

As you adjust, you will find a new rhythm that works for you and your team. To stay as productive as possible, keep track of your day, stick to a schedule, and most importantly stay connected.


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